Practice corrosion protection

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    We welcome you to the website of the journal Theory and Practice of Corrosion Protection, which is devoted to the theory and practice of corrosion protection of metal and non-metallic materials, machinery, equipment and pipelines of the fuel and energy complex, housing and utilities, various buildings of industry, the journal also publishes articles on energy saving and environmental problems of corrosion protection.

    Here you can get current information on the subject of the journal, the composition of the editorial board, the rules for authors. The site has a convenient search by authors, keywords and the full text of the publication, it is possible to purchase both individual articles and entire issues of previous years, subscribe to electronic and print versions of the magazine, as well as order book products published by CARTEC Editions.

    Our favorite magazine with you, as well as any living organism, is in constant development. Since the founding of the journal in 1996, the circulation of the publication has increased many times, and the volume has increased. The design of the first issues of the journal and the current ones is strikingly different. By meeting the wishes of foreign readers - and there are quite a few of them - we accompany the article in English with a summary. The journal is reviewed in cities. We really have a friendly team of regular authors. There are changes in the design of the journal as a whole and articles, the rules for submitting materials for publications. The goal is to make the "Theory and Practice of Corrosion Protection" more convenient and attractive for readers and authors.

    And our readers are special - smart, benevolent, intelligent, knowledgeable. Your letters, calls, requests for the publication of targeted materials on a particular issue of detection of the popularity of the magazine. Some articles caused such a lively discussion that we had to create the “Discussion” rubric. We, together with reviewers, adhere to the principles of non-interference in the content of materials sent for publication.

    In 2015, the release dates changed: now it is February, May, August and November. The composition of the editorial board has changed somewhat. The journal entered the international databases: the Directory of periodicals of Ulrich and the Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), and, as before, are included in the VAK list of journals, in which the results of doctoral and master's theses should be published.

    All materials submitted for publication are reviewed by leading experts in relevant fields of science and practice. This is a mandatory requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science for journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission and we will certainly fulfill this requirement. Articles are rented for free. The date of publication (from the moment the article is submitted to the editor) today is 1-1.5 years. In case of need, urgent publication is carried out on a paid basis. So in due time the editorial board decided.

    We are pleased to have established feedback with you, colleagues. What to hide - it's nice to hear kind words about the magazine. But we courageously perceive criticism, if possible, taking into account comments and advice.


    Editorial board