Water-waxen structure “Geron” for protection against corrosion of engineering products

Issue 3(53) 2009
Pages 27-31
Eryomin V.N., Taran V.M., Belokhvostov F.V., Taran M.V., Prokhorenkov V.D.

With the purposes of maintenance of effective protection of engineering from corrosion, aging and biodamages, and also the prolongations of service life of various coverings in world practice are actively applied special protective structures. The widest application for the decision of the mentioned tasks was received by structures in which basis the microcrystal wax lays. Their basic advantages are universality (ability to protect against corrosion and aging practically all construction materials of modern mechanical engineering, namely, metals, rubbers, various coverings, plastic, tree), absence of negative influence on various coverings, etc. In the paper the results of researches on development and tests of structure of water-waxen protective «Geron» offered by research-and-production firm «Alkor91» are stated.