Protection of carbon steel against corrosion by “INKORGAZ-T30” inhibitor in the hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and combined media

Issue 4(54) 2009
Pages 40-46
Vigdorovich V.L., Zakurnaev S.A.

Protective efficiency of “INK0RGAZ-T30” inhibitor (the concentration is in the range 75.600 mg/l) has been studied in the carbon dioxide (P(C0 2)e qun = 5-10 4...2-10 5 Ра), hydrogen sulfide (25.400 mg/l) and combined (100 mg/l H 2S и P(C0 2equii = 10 5 Ра) mineralized (50 g/l NaCl) media. Bactericide action of inhibitor has been studied with respect to sulfate-reducing bacteria (Desulfovibrio Desulfuricans). It is estimated a suppression of hydrogen diffusion through the membrane. The method of the differentiation of the protective action by a formation of the protective polysulfide film and an insertion of the corrosion inhibitor has been suggested.