Laboratory and route test procedure of durable reference electrodes in soils with different conductivity

Issue 2(52) 2009
Pages 31-38
Sirota D.S., Ulikhin A.N., Zapevalov D.N.

It have been presented testing methods of durable reference electrodes in laboratory and route research in soils with different conductivity in compliance with R GAZPROM «Tentative technical characteristics of durable reference electrodes for buried pipelines». Operational tests were suggested to perform in three different kind of soils: extra saline soil with high humidity (resistivity less 10 Ohmm), low saline soil with low humidity (resistivity 100 Ohm m) and soil with high humidity (resistivity 500 Ohm m). It have been offered new auxiliary methods for checking life duration of reference electrodes, namely: testing of influence of electric direct current field on stability of basic characteristics (potential relative to Ag/AgCl reference electrode and internal electric resistance), testing of stability of chemical electrolyte composition inside electrolytic case and bentonite case (if it is present) after test operation as well as calculation life duration of reference electrodes on the ground of these data.