On the mechanism of transfer and distribution of corrosion inhibitors in wet sour gas field pipelines

Issue 2(52) 2009
Pages 44-50
Kichenko S.B., Kichenko A.B.

The problems of transport and distribution of corrosion inhibitors (CI) with various solubility (dispersibility) in liquid corrosion-active media (hydrocarbons and water) along the length of wet sour gas pipelines are reviewed. It is stated that in the long run CI of any type (HC-soluble, water-soluble, etc.) will be distributed along the full length of the pipeline by the transport fluid. At the same time protection of the pipeline may be ineffective because of too long duration of CI transport (for water-soluble CI) or the lack of inhibition in water traps in lower sections (for HC-soluble CI). In this regard while protecting commercial wet sour gas pipelines from internal corrosion the preference should be given to corrosion inhibitors with a mixed partitioning in liquid phases and preferably water soluble.