Increase of efficiency of electromeasurements at corrosion monitoring gas mains

Issue 1(55) 2010
Pages 23-31
Aginey R.V., Kuz'bozhev F.S.
Keywords: electrochemical protection, station of cathodic protection, an insulating cover, criteria of anticorrosive protection, damages of a covering, intensive electromeasurements

In work it is shown that application of technology of intensive measurements under the conditions of long maintained pipelines is characterized by absence of officially authorized rules. Herewith intensive measurements are based on the western technologies and systems. In the connection with this, there is a problem of authentic interpretation of results of intensive measurements. It is offered to carry out interpretation of indications with the allowance for field asymmetry around of the pipeline. For this purpose the classification of volt-craters is developed and the algorithm of realization of the electrometric researches is offered allowing to increase accuracy of the received information.