Prediction and control of corrosion in wet sour gas pipelines on the basis of operational parameters registration and adjustment

Issue 1(55) 2010
Pages 32-39
Kichenko A.B., Kichenko S.B.
Keywords: corrosion, pipelines, wet sour gas, corrosion forecast, operating parameters, adjustment of operating parameters, corrosion weakening

Corrosion of any production facilities including the wet sour gas pipelines is a multifactor process. Various parameters and their combinations have different influence on the corrosion intensity, in some cases promoting to its increase, in others reducing it to a minimum. Identification and practical use of operational factors that promote to corrosion weakening have been and remain the attractive target for corrosion engineers. The paper presents the algorithm to identify and separate the wet sour gas pipelines with low corrosion activity of medium from the pipelines with high corrosion intensity. Use of these calculations in practice can contribute to cost saving of inhibition without affecting the operational reliability and serviceability of pipelines.