Laboratory researche results of leakage currents in cathodic protection systems of pipelines with electric current isolator

Issue 1(55) 2010
Pages 39-45
Fatkhullin A.A., Kaidrikov R.A., Zhuravlev B.L., Vinogradova S.S.
Keywords: corrosion, cathodic protection, pipeline, electric current isolator

The laboratory installation for research of leakage currents through electric current isolator (ECI) in cathodic protection systems of pipe lines is offered. It is shown that the more qualitatively isolation of the protected pipe line, the greater leakage current flows through ECI, i.e. the same ECI design will have various values of efficiency factor (corrosion stability) at the ECI installation in distinguishing cathodic protection systems. It is established that the influence of length of an ECI insulated part on its overall resistance is comparable to the influence of polarization resistance of an ECI cathode part.