Issues in 2011

ISSUE 2(60)

ISSUE 3(61)

Thermal and ecological performances of combustion process of different types of pellets in compact fluidized bed
Pages 51-54
Mikhalev A.V., Is’emin R.L., Milovanov O.Ju., Zorin A.T., Kuz’min S.N., Akolzin A.P., Zaichenko V.M.

Local corrosion of steels in conditions of equipotentiality of a surface
Pages 55-63
Reformatskaya I.I., Podobaev A.N., Ashcheulova I.I., Artamonov O.Yu., Shishlov D.C., Afon'kin A.E.

The development of optimal regime of nitration of high normal olefins by nitrogen oxide
Pages 64-70
Alieva L.I., Abbasov V.M., Velieva F.M., Makhmudova L.A., Talybov A.G., Gabibullaev R.F.

ISSUE 1(59)

ISSUE 4(62)