Zinc containing compositions on a base of waste motor oil modified with carbon additives as protective materials against steel atmospheric corrosion

Issue 2(60) 2011
Pages 36-44
Shel N.V., Golovchenko A.O., Vigdorovich V.I.
Keywords: waste motor-oil, zinc, protector, graphite, carbon nanotubes, steel, solutions of sodium chloride, protection

Protective efficiency of anticorrosive compositions on a base of the waste motor oil with zinc filler (40...60%) and additives of micrographite or multiwalled carbon nanotubes (0.01...1.0%) has been studied. In 3 wt. % NaCl solution, protective efficiency of the compositions reaches 89%, in thermo moisture chamber is 99%. Additives of carbon filler are unreasonable in the studied concentrations.