Local corrosion of steels in conditions of equipotentiality of a surface

Issue 3(61) 2011
Pages 55-63
Reformatskaya I.I., Podobaev A.N., Ashcheulova I.I., Artamonov O.Yu., Shishlov D.C., Afon'kin A.E.
Keywords: steels, equipotential surfaces, local corrosion, reasons

At corrosion in electrolytes, metallic materials with phase heterogeneity including steels of various classes are exposed to local corrosion. The reason of development of local corrosion (intergranular, pit, corrosion erosion, stress corrosion cracking) is the distinction of dissolution rate of some structural and phase elements of metal at the same potential. In some cases at same potential the basic metal and both its structural and phase components can be in a various electrochemical state (active, passive).