Investigation of ash deposit composition and evaluation of corrosion rate of convective heated surface on fire-tube boiler at straw pellet combustion

Issue 1(63) 2012
Pages 66-71
Isemin R.L., Akolzin A.P., Kuzmin S.N., Mikhalev A.V., Konyakhin V.V., Milovanov O.Ju.
Keywords: boiler, straw pellets, combustion heating surfaces, deposits, corrosion

The results of investigation of ash deposit composition and corrosion rate of convective heating surfaces of boiler at straw pellet combustion in it are presented. It was found that in the furnace flues gas tubes high chloride content of 1,5…2,0 times higher than their content in the sediments at the «tail» heating surfaces is observed. The deposits of ash on the «tail» heating surfaces contain a high iron content. This means that flues gas tubes around the furnace may be exposed by high-temperature gas corrosion and the «tail» gas tubes by electrochemical corrosion, and it is necessary to pay attention to the protection primarily of these structural elements of the boiler.