Protection efficiency of «Surface film – AMDOR IC-7 inhibitor» system in combined hydrosulfide-carbon dioxide media

Issue 2(64) 2012
Pages 4-12

V.I. Vigdorovich, K.O. Strelnikova

Tambov State Technical University

Keywords: steel, corrosion, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, protective film, inhibitor, integral effect, charge, resistance, capacitance

Protective efficiency of «polysulfide-carbonate film – AMDOR IC-7 inhibitor» system has been studied against St3 steel corrosion in NACE media saturated by CO2 and containing H2S (10…200 mg/l). Influence of protective system parts (ZΣ, Zfilm, Zinh) is differentiated in assumption of their additive action. Kinetics of film formation has been studied by polarization resistance method. Peculiarities of influence of protective system on charge transfer resistance of electrode reactions and double electric layer capacitance have been studied by impedance spectroscopy method.