The development of inhibitor composition for hydraulic tests of electric centrifugal pumps installations and the control method of its protective action

Issue 2(64) 2012
Pages 13-17

N.G.Anufriev1, A.P. Akolzin2

1A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS (IPCE RAS), Moscow
2Association «СARTEC», Moscow

Keywords: оil production, drilling equipment, pumps, hydraulic test, inhibitors, corrosion monitoring, linear polarization resistance technique

Especially for short-term conditions of hydraulic tests of electric centrifugal pumps installations
«СARTEC-28В» inhibitor composition was developed which at relatively low concentrations
(of 1.5 g per l) provides a high protection rate (92…99 %) of SCh 03TS01B gray cast iron, 4N15D7 Niresist, PK90D25 powder material and steel St35, and meets all technological
requirements. A control method of adjusting the inhibitor composition under service conditions
on the base of the linear polarization resistance technique was proposed.