Synthesis of amine salts of nitronic acid and investigation of their inhibitor properties on the CO2 corrosion of steel

Issue 2(64) 2012
Pages 18-25

V.M. Abbasov, S.Y. Hajiyeva, R.S. Maharramov, L.I. Aliyeva, E.E. Gasimov, R.A. Jafarova,
N.M. Mamedova

Y.H. Mammadaliyev Institute of Petrochemical Processes of Azerbaijan NAS, Baku

Keywords: nitration, tautomerism, nitroalkanes, inhibitor, synthesis, carbon dioxide corrosion

Nitrocompounds from individual olefins, namely, octene-1, dodecene-1, tetradecene-1, as well as mixtures of C16-18 α-olefins from the oligomerization of ethylene, propylene trimer and tetramer, and their mono-, di-, triethanolamine salts have been synthesized. 20% aqueous-alcoholic solutions of salts are prepared, their effect on the kinetics of corrosion of steel in the presence of 1% water solution of NaCl saturated with CO2 is studied. The dependence of the effect of protection action from the length and structure of hydrocarbon radical, also from the type of cation was established.