Issues in 2013

ISSUE 1(67)

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Results of Electrochemical Parameter Calculation Research of Cathodic Protection of the Oil Well Casing
Pages 5-10
Dolgich S.A., Shakirov F.Sh., Zhuravlev B.L., Kaidrikov R.A., Tkacheva V.E.2, Vinogradova S.S.

Corrosion and Protection of Steel by Compositions on Base of Colza Oil in Atmosphere with Heightened SO2 Concentration
Pages 33-37
Tsygankova L.E., Shel N.V., Bernatsky P.N., Krushatina N.P., Panfilova Yu.V., Akolzin A.P.

The Empirical and Adsorptive Description of Passivity of Iron
Pages 65-71
Podobayev A.N., Reformatskaya I.I., Artamonov O.Yu., Ashcheulova I.I., Afonkin A.E.

ISSUE 2(68)

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Evaluation of Kinetic Parameters of Internal Surface Corrosion in Injection Well Flowlines
Pages 5-7
Volkov A.A., Chernyshov I.A., Balashova V.D., Volkova I.I., Morev A.I.

Influence of Complex Electrochemical Protection on a Biofouling of Internal Surfaces of the Main Conduit «Astrakhan - Mangyshlak»
Pages 24-29
Aldyyarov T.K., Didukh A.G., Makhmotov E.S., But A.A., Togasheva K.I., Nefedov A.N., Oralbayeva K.B., Omirbekov S.N., Kanbetov M.M., Kurmanbayeva S.S., Smirnova D.A., Epova Yu.V., Kistaubayeva A.S., Sinko V.F., Shukalovskaya N.A.

The Role of Vanadium as Impurity Element of Steel 20 at Corrosion in Neutral and Weakly Alkaline Media
Pages 64-68
Reformatskaya I.I., Artamonov O.Yu., Ashcheulova I.I., Podobayev A.N., Kutuzov A.V., Chibysheva V.D., Shishlov D.S.

ISSUE 3(69)

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Studies of Substituted Trialkoxysilanes as Corrosion Inhibitors
Pages 4-16
Ivanov E.S., Lar’kov A.P., Kluyev A.L.

Bactericidal Ability of a Number of Mixed Nitrogen Containing Inhibitors of Hydrosulfide Corrosion
Pages 23-28
Dubinskaya E.V., Esina M.N., Vigdorovich V.I., Tsygankova L.E., Zarapina I.V., Osetrov A.Yu.