Improvement of Corrosion Resistance of Type 45 Carbon Steel by Means of Chemical-thermal Treatment in Powder Mixtures

Issue 1(67) 2013
Pages 11-17
Kasparova O.V.
Keywords: powder, mixture, saturation, argon, vacuum, alloying, diffusion layer, structure, chromium carbide, corrosion resistance, chemical-thermal treatment, chromizing

The corrosion-electrochemical behaviour of type 45 carbon steel after chemical-thermal treatment in powder chromizing mixtures has been studied depending on their composition and technology of the saturation process (namely, without specially created protective atmosphere, in argon or vacuum). It was shown that the corrosion resistance of the chromized steel was largely determined by structure, phase composition and porosity of the diffusion layers. The compositions of powder mixtures sharply improving the corrosion resistance of diffusion-chromized carbon steels were developed.