Corrosion and Protection of Steel by Compositions on Base of Colza Oil in Atmosphere with Heightened SO2 Concentration

Issue 1(67) 2013
Pages 33-37
Tsygankova L.E., Shel N.V., Bernatsky P.N., Krushatina N.P., Panfilova Yu.V., Akolzin A.P.
Keywords: inhibitors, oedf acid, scale, gas processing plant

Protection efficiency of compositions on base of unrefined colza oil and products of waste motor oils cleaning has been studied against carbon steel atmospheric corrosion in the presence of 0.1…5.0 vol.% SO 2 in air. Corrosion rate of St3 steel is decreased by 30…40 times in the presence of surface protection film with 20…60 wt.% POOM because of anodic reaction retardation.