Influence of Sulfate-reducing Bacteria and Inhibitor-bactericides of «INKORGAZ» Series on the Kinetics of Partial Electrode Reactions on St3 Steel and Hydrogen Diffusion Through the Membrane

Issue 1(67) 2013
Pages 38-44
Esina M.N., Dubinskaya E.V., Chugunov D.O., Tsygankova L.E., Vigdorovich V.I.
Keywords: steel, bacteria, sulfate reduction, inhibitor, bactericide, hydrogen, diffusion flux, kinetics, cathodic process, anodic process

The bactericidal ability of a number of inhibitors of the «INKORGAZ» series and their influence on the kinetics of cathodic and anodic reactions on carbon steel and hydrogen diffusion through the membrane in Postgate «B» medium in the presence of sulfate-reducing bacteria have been studied.