Developed Construction of Heat Pipe-lines in Urethane Foam Insulation with Anticorrosion Coating

Issue 1(67) 2013
Pages 45-46
Filonchik P.E., Zvonarev A.A., Burdyga Yu.Yu.
Keywords: urethane foam insulation, energy saving, heat networks

Since the middle of 70-th in European countries the technology of preliminary isolated pipe-lines in urethane foam insulation (UFI) for channelless pipe installation became to use at creation of energy effective, reliable and long lived heat networks. The experience of exploitation of heat networks confirmed the correctness choice in favor of the technology of pipe-lines in UFI which now entertains dominance at construction of heat networks in Europe. Taking into account the positive European experience of exploitation of pipe-lines in UFI this technology since the middle of 90-th became to be in use in our country.