Influence of Complex Electrochemical Protection on a Biofouling of Internal Surfaces of the Main Conduit «Astrakhan - Mangyshlak»

Issue 2(68) 2013
Pages 24-29
Aldyyarov T.K., Didukh A.G., Makhmotov E.S., But A.A., Togasheva K.I., Nefedov A.N., Oralbayeva K.B., Omirbekov S.N., Kanbetov M.M., Kurmanbayeva S.S., Smirnova D.A., Epova Yu.V., Kistaubayeva A.S., Sinko V.F., Shukalovskaya N.A.
Keywords: conduit, internal surface, corrosion, zooplankton, chlorination, oxygen, sulfate ions, chlorine ions, general iron, microbiological indicators, protective films, improvement, quality of water, complex electrochemical protection, biofouling, dreyssena''s molluscum, depression

In article results of observations over a condition of a zooplankton and biofouling (including microbiological) are given in initial water and on an initial site of a conduit during different seasons of 2011-2012, and also results of studying of influence of various operating modes of a conduit on zooplankton organisms. Results of analyses of physical and chemical and microbiological parameters of water before and after installation of internal complex electrochemical protection against corrosion and biofouling in the conditions of a chlorination and without a water chlorination are also given.