Interpretation and Presentation of In-line Inspection Results

Issue 2(68) 2013
Pages 43-63
Kichenko S.B., Kichenko A.B.
Keywords: pipelines, defects of pipeline metal, in-line inspection (ili), interpretation of ili data, presentation of ili data, ili data analysis using pc,pc software for ili data analysis

The data of in-line inspection (ILI) of industrial pipelines is described. The essence of data interpretation is explained. It is shown that representation of ILI data is given in a form suitable for further comprehensive analysis using PC. The presentation of inspection data is illustrated on the example of software capabilities of Tuboscope and Pipetronix companies, the pioneers in the development and production of magnetic and ultrasonic intelligent pigs. It is stated that due to the use of modern computer technology and software the companies involved in ILI activities have great capabilities in terms of the post-inspection data analysis. That goes to the appropriate and optimal decision making providing for the safe operation of different types of pipelines.