The Role of Vanadium as Impurity Element of Steel 20 at Corrosion in Neutral and Weakly Alkaline Media

Issue 2(68) 2013
Pages 64-68
Reformatskaya I.I., Artamonov O.Yu., Ashcheulova I.I., Podobayev A.N., Kutuzov A.V., Chibysheva V.D., Shishlov D.S.
Keywords: carbon steels, vanadium as micro alloying element, passivation ability, pitting resistance

The behavior of steel 20 was explored by corrosion-electrochemical, chemical and physical methods with industrial fusion of steel. It is shown that vanadium as impurity or alloying element of carbon steels decreases its passivation ability and resistance against local corrosion. The passivation ability and pitting resistance of carbon steels are deteriorated at introduction in them 0,06% of vanadium. This fact is explained by enhancement of energy inhomogenuity of steel surface because of formation in its structure of irregularly distributed colonies of vanadium carbide surrounded with areas of metal with a high stress.