Influence of Hydrosulfide Corrosion Inhibitors of «Amdor» and «Incorgas» Series on Hydrogen Diffusion Through Steel Membrane in the Presence of Sulfatereducing Bacteria

Issue 3(69) 2013
Pages 17-22
Dubinskaya E.V., Esina M.N., Vigdorovich V.I., Tsygankova L.E., Zarapina I.V., Osetrov A.Yu.

Influence of inhibitors of «AMDOR» (4 issues) and «INCORGAS» (2 issues) on hydrogen diffusion through steel membrane has been studied. Influence of their nature, concentration and SRB development phase is estimated. Influence of cathodic and anodic polarization of entrance membrane side on hydrogen diffusion flux is considered.