Modern In-line Inspection: Equipment and Capabilities

Issue 3(69) 2013
Pages 29-56
Kichenko S.B., Kichenko A.B.

Brief descriptions, specifications, and illustrations of some modern intelligent pigs of different types (magnetic and ultrasonic) are given. ILI equipment is primarily illustrated at the example of PII, the joint venture of British Gas and Pipetronix which occupied the leading position in the industry and in application of smart pigging in the early 2000s. Also the options provided by Rosen, TD Williamson and Neftegazkomplektservis companies in the sphere of ILI are briefly described. It is stated that the complex of modern ILI equipment and modern ILI computer software is currently the most productive and informative means for inspection of the corrosion and technical state of extended industrial pipelines for different purposes and it is owing to this information complex and the routine maintenance and scheduled repairs that many pipelines are still in operation. It is concluded that modern ILI is the most effective technology for inspection of corrosion and technical state of pipelines to ensure their continued safe operation.