Role of Grain StructureForm Factors in Electrochemical Corrosion of Boiler Tubes Made of Carbon Steel 20

Issue 3(69) 2013
Pages 68-71
Pomazova A.V., Panova T.V., Gering G.I.
Keywords: boiler tubes, corrosion, steel 20, grain structure, effect

An attempt is made to introduce additional morphological characteristics allowing to describe the grain structure of carbon steel 20 undergoing electrochemical corrosion in the course of operation of heating surface tubes. Samples collected from a used dismantled panel are tested. The suggested method of description using form factors allows determining the shape, characterizing morphology, and classifying grain on the basis of their morphological characteristics. Grain form factors in the initial microstructure are used to determine the corrosion type, which will ultimately allow determining the remaining lifetime of heating surface tubes.