Issue 1(71) 2014
Pages 17-25

V.I. Vigdorovich1, L.E. Tsygankova2, M.N. Esina2, N.V. Shel’3, V.A. Fedorov2,
T.N. Pluzhnikova2

1VNIITN, Tambov
2G.R. Derzhavin Таmbov state university
3Таmbov state technical university

Keywords: inhibiting composition, hydrosulfide medium, stress, tensile, bend, bactericidal ability, sulfate-reducing bacteria

Influence of the inhibiting compositions (INCORGAS) on preservation of mechanical properties of St3 steel in the hydrosulfide and hydrosulfide-carbon dioxide media and their bactericidal ability with respect to sulfate-reducing bacteria (Desulfomicrobium) have been studied.