Physical and Chemical Methods of Analysis for Simulation of the Corrosion Processes of Metal Designs

Issue 1(71) 2014
Pages 29-36

А.А. Оl’khov1,2, L.А. Тutykhin2, K.V. Кiselev2, S.V. Romanov2, V.A. Koptsоv2

1M.V. Lomonosov MITKhT
2OAO «VNIPPenergoprom»

Keywords: corrosion, the physical and chemical analysis, pipelines, the metal designs, wandering currents

For the first time in the this research work, the simulating approach to experimental
definition of influence of wandering currents on corrosion processes in metal pipelines and
designs with use of physical and chemical methods of the analysis is applied.