Determination of the Resistance of Х20Н20 Steel against Intergranular Corrosion by the Potentiodynamic Reactivation Test

Issue 1(71) 2014
Pages 37-42

O.V. Kasparova

State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation «Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry», Moscow

Keywords: steel, intergranular corrosion, test, potentiodynamic reactivation, passivation charge, reactivation charge, solution, thermal treatment, structure, second phase

By means of potentiodynamic reactivation test the resistance of austenitic X20Н20 steel
against intergranular corrosion is estimated depending on the carbon content in the steel
and its structure. The obtained data are compared with the results shown by the standard
chemical test and polarization measurements in 1M HClO4 + 0,2 M NaCl solution.