Dependence of Susceptibility of Carbon and Low Alloyed Steels to Local corrosion on Tunnel Properties of a Surface of Metal

Issue 1(71) 2014
Pages 62-71

A.N. Podobayev1, I.I. Reformatskaya1, O.Yu. Artamonov2, D.S. Shishlov1,
I.I. Ascheulova2, V.D. Chibisheva1, A.V. Kutuzov2, A.E. Afonkin2

1Moscow State University of Mechanical Engineering (MAMI), Moscow
2State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation «Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry», Moscow

Keywords: local corrosion, pitting, tunnel spectroscopy, tunnel microscopy, mild steel, low alloyed steel, active center

The corrosion behavior of specimen series of carbon and low alloyed steels having various
structural-phase compositions has been studied. On the basis of comparison of results of corrosion tests of these steels to the data of examination of their surface by the tunnel micro- and spectroscopy methods the conclusion was made about the identity of nanometer dimensional sites of a surface with anomalously high tunnel conductivity to electrochemical active centers.