Evaluation of Measuring Accuracy of Corrosion Rate by Different Methods at Laboratory and Field Testing Corrosion Inhibitors

Issue 2(72) 2014
Pages 5-12

I.S. Sivokon
LLC Transenergostroy, Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry
of RAS, Moscow

Keywords: gravimetry, ER electrical resistance method, LPR linear polarization method, corrosion rate, laboratory tests, field trials, corrosion inhibitor

The article represents the comparison of results of measuring the corrosion rate at oil field pipelines by methods of electrical resistance, linear polarization and gravimetry. In the laboratory conditions, the comparison was performed of corrosion rates obtained by methods of extrapolation of polarization curves and linear polarization with gravimetric results.
Based on the analysis results it made a conclusion about a priority of gravimetric method relating to the problems of development of compositions and selecting the most effective corrosion inhibitors as well as their industrial applications.