Аnalysis of Corrosion Monitoring Data Performed in the Oil-gathering Pipeline of SPD Company Using Microcor Equipment

Issue 2(72) 2014
Pages 13-32

A.B. Kichenko1, S.B. Kichenko2
1Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen
2«Lucoil Overseas Baltic Ltd. (Dubai Branch)»

Keywords: corrosion, corrosion monitoring, oil-gathering pipelines, Microcor corrosion monitoring equipment, corrosion monitoring data, corrosion monitoring data analysis

The results of corrosion monitoring data analysis performed with Microcor equipment in the oil-gathering pipeline of Salym Petroleum Development (SPD) company are presented.

The difficulties occurred when interpreting Microcor data during testing are pointed out. It is stated that Microcor did not register an interruption of corrosion inhibitor injection in the pipeline for up to four days long, i.e. it did not respond to the failures of inhibitor injection.

In view of difficulties associated with the interpretation of the data and the high cost of equipment, the conclusion is made about the inexpediency of Microcor application for corrosion monitoring in the oil-gathering lines of SPD.