The Results of Research, Development and Implementation of Internal Comprehensive Electrochemical Protection of Steel Structures and Equipment of Water Intake Pumping Stations from Corrosion, Microorganisms and Bioobrastanys

Issue 2(72) 2014
Pages 40-57

V.F. Sin`ko1, T.A. Sin`ko1, N.A. Shukalovskayaand other

1Russian Science and Engineering Center «Roselektrokhimkomplekszashchita» – RNITS ROSZASCHITA, Kolomna
2Moscow State Regional Socio-Humanitarian Institute (MGOSGI), Kolomna

Keywords: water, internal corrosion, protection, zooplancton, microorganisms, oxygen, complex electrochemical protection, corrosion aggressiveness of water, corrosion potential, protection potential, corrosion rate, protective coatings, comprehensive control and measuring points, internal anodes, protection current, specific electric resistance of water, installations of komplek selektrokhimzashchita, chlorine, electrochemical way of formation, elkon

In the present article, the results are represented of modernization of the capital equipment of a trial site of internal complex electrochemical protection on one of the largest in the world of conduits «Astrakhan-Mangyshlak». The received at researches quantitative parameters showed the decrease in corrosion aggression of water, improvements of its quality and a chemical composition, decrease in corrosion rate of pipe steel, reduction in quantity of microorganisms and a bioobrastniya in transported Volga water on real conduits of powerful water intaking pump station. The physical and chemical modeling was performed with criterion of similarity equal to unit in various modes and definitions of an optimum mode of internal complex electrochemical protection.