Structure and Integral Toxicity of Aqueous Solutions of a Number of Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion Inhibitors

Issue 2(72) 2014
Pages 66-70

L.E. Tsygankova1, V.I. Vigdorovich2, M.N. Esina1, N.V. Shel3, O.A. Fomenkov1, S.M. Gaidar4

1Tambov State University named after G.R. Derzhavin
2All-Russian Scientific Institute of Machinery and Petroleum Products Application
3Tambov State Technical University
4Moscow State Agrarian University

Keywords: corrosion, inhibitors, CCO, BRO5, biodegradation, micella, particle, size

Effective size of emulsion particles forming at insertion of Kastazol, Telaz, Benzotriazole and «INCORGAS» series into NACE medium has been studied. The values of CCO and BRO5 of the solutions of the inhibitors under study at their concentration of 200…1000 mg/l and their ability to biodegradation have been estimated.