On the Method of Flow Regime Prediction in Pipelines of Various Orientation for the Purpose of Corrosion Studies

Issue 4(74) 2014
Pages 6-23

A.B. Kichenko1, S.B. Kichenko2

1Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen, Russian Federation
2«Lucoil Overseas Baltic Ltd.», Dubai Branch, United Arab Emirates

Keywords: pipelines, pipeline corrosion, gas liquid mixtures in pipelines, pipeline flow regime, relationships between corrosion and flow regime, method for flow regime prediction, pipeline corrosion prediction

The method of flow regime prediction for gas-liquid mixtures (GLMs) in pipelines of different orientation, from horizontal to vertical, is described.
Formulas are presented for finding and plotting zone boundaries of individual GLM structures for flow regimes forming in pipelines under various operating conditions.
It is pointed out that when correspondence between flow regime and corrosion damage to the pipeline is properly established, the corrosion patterns and rates in a specific pipeline can be predicted with the help of this method on the basis of predetermined GLM structures.