Estimate of Residual Life of Pipelines under the Conditions of Corrosion at a Change in Stress-Strain Behavior

Issue 4(74) 2014
Pages 24-28

A.A. Ibragimov1, A.B. Shabarov2, S.Y. Podorognikov1, Y.D. Zemenkov2

1Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Russian Federation
2Tyumen State University, Russian Federation

Keywords: pipeline, reliability, software, corrosion, fatigue tension, damages, durability, thermobaric parameters

The authors developed a method of calculation of durability and residual life of pipeline sites with account for variation of tension in a pipe wall caused by changes in thermobaric parameters of the pumpage, external power factors, and corrosion rate with regard to experimental data on corrosion activity of the environment and fatigue properties of steel under the conditions of an asymmetric loading cycle.
The method is realized by authors in the form of an algorithm used in specially designed software. The effect of pumpage pressure pulsation on pipeline durability with account for the rate of internal and external corrosion is theoretically calculated and studied.