Monitoring on Corrosion Conditions of Inner Surface of «Astrakhan – Mangyshlak » Water line

Issue 4(74) 2014
Pages 29-35

E.N. Baibatyrov1, T.K. Aldyjrov1, A.A. But2, K.I. Togfcheva2, A.N. Nefedov1

1Research and Development Centre KazTransOil Joint Stock Company, Almaty, Kazakhstan
2Western branch JSC “KazTransOil”, Atyrau, Kazakhstan

Keywords: water line, inner surface, inhibitor, corrosion activity of water, model template, corrosion rate

Corrosion activity of the original river water of the Kigach branch of the river Volga, of water transported along the «Astrakhan – Mangyshlak» water line and the influence of the Nalco-7399 inhibitor on corrosion of the inner water line surface were studied under natural conditions.