Methodology of Laboratory Assessment of Efficiency of Carbon Dioxide Corrosion Inhibitors in Oilfield Pipelines

Issue 4(74) 2014
Pages 36-43

N.N. Andreev, I.S. Sivokon

A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Russian Academy
of Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation

Keywords: corrosion inhibitor, test method, oilfield pipelines, risk, corrosion conditions

Methodology of laboratory assessment of the efficiency of carbon dioxide corrosion inhibitors in oilfield pipelines on the basis of analysis of both experimental field trials tests and comprehensive laboratory tests of corrosion inhibitors (CI) is suggested with a view to future CI applications in real oilfield pipelines (OFP). The methodology provides not only for CIs test under the most severe conditions of the future OFP application, but consideration of such conditions, under which a decrease in the protective effect due to unfavorable OFC liquid flow is highly probable.