Application of Polyaniline for Corrosion Protection. (Revue)

Issue 4(74) 2014
Pages 44-56

S.N. Stepin1, S.A. Sitnov2, S.I. Tolstosheeva3, S.P. Miheev3

1Kazan National Research Technological University, Russian Federation
2Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Russian Federation
3Spectr CJSC, Novocheboksarsk, Russian Federation

Keywords: polyaniline, corrosion protection properties, immobilization of the surface, core pigment

Application of polyaniline for corrosion protection as individual coating within paint coatings,
as well as in the form of the core pigment shell is considered. The influence of the nature of the doping agent, protonated and unprotonated forms of polyaniline on the anticorrosive properties of coatings is observed. It is established that corrosion protection efficiency of environmentally safe polyaniline is not inferior and in some cases is superior to that of toxic chromate pigments within protective coatings.