Issue 1(75) 2015

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About Using Hazard Analysis for Prevention of Thorough Corrosion Destructions of Pipe-lines on Objects of Oil Recovery
Pages 26-39

A.B. Kichenko1, S.B. Kichenko2

1Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen
2«Lucoil Overseas Baltic Ltd.», Dubai Branch

Opportunities and Experience of Application of Modern Polarizing Resistance Method for Corrosion Monitoring in Heat Supply Systems
Pages 40-44

N.G. Anufriev

A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Russian Academy
of Sciences, Moscow

The Investigation of Possibility of Usage of Reagent KISK-1 as an Inhibitor of Corrosion and Scaling
Pages 45-50

O.D. Linnikov1, B.N. Driker2, A.G. Tarantaev2, A.I. Murashova2

1Institute of Solid State Chemistry of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
2Ural state forest engineering university, Ekaterinburg

The Hydrogen and Electromagnetic Factors of the Diffusion of the Alloying Elements on the Electrolytic Treatment of the Materials
Pages 51-59

G.I. Suranov, A.A. Latyshev, E.N. Mel’nichuk, S.Yu. Vityazev

Ukhta state technical university

Сontrol of Hydrosulfide Media Corrosivity and Estimation of the Protection Method Efficiency During Continuous Exploitation of Oil-gas Production Plants
Pages 60-71

V.I. Vigdorovich1, A.P. Makarov2

1All-Russian scientific institute for application of machinery and petroleum products in
agriculture, Tambov
2Control I diagnostika” research and training center