About Using Hazard Analysis for Prevention of Thorough Corrosion Destructions of Pipe-lines on Objects of Oil Recovery

Issue 1(75) 2015
Pages 26-39

A.B. Kichenko1, S.B. Kichenko2

1Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen
2«Lucoil Overseas Baltic Ltd.», Dubai Branch

Keywords: oil-lines, gas-lines, water pipe-lines, pit corrosion, pipe-lines, hazard analysis, risk matrix, prevention of destructions by pit corrosion, safe operation

The considerations are described whence standard risk matrix can be transformed into the matrix suited for precise definition of need moment of pipe-line exploitation termination and carrying out rehabilitations. It is assumed that the usage in practice of modified matrices may contribute to elimination of thorough destructions of field oil- and gas pipe-lines against pit corrosion. The runways of achievement of analogous effects by some other methods are mentioned.