Opportunities and Experience of Application of Modern Polarizing Resistance Method for Corrosion Monitoring in Heat Supply Systems

Issue 1(75) 2015
Pages 40-44

N.G. Anufriev

A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Russian Academy
of Sciences, Moscow

Keywords: corrosion monitoring, automation, heat supply systems, linear polarization resistance method

Possibility of the organization of the automated measurements of corrosion activity of
technological environments in heat supply systems with use of advanced the linear polarization resistance method (LPR) is shown. The experimental equipment and a technique of a quantitative estimation of the corrosion rate of constructional materials are developed for ensuring expeditious corrosion monitoring of quality of technological environments. The received results correlate with gravimetry data and confirm expediency of application of the LPR method for the automated corrosion monitoring of the equipment of heat supply objects.