The Investigation of Possibility of Usage of Reagent KISK-1 as an Inhibitor of Corrosion and Scaling

Issue 1(75) 2015
Pages 45-50

O.D. Linnikov1, B.N. Driker2, A.G. Tarantaev2, A.I. Murashova2

1Institute of Solid State Chemistry of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences,
2Ural state forest engineering university, Ekaterinburg

Keywords: water supply system, inhibitor of corrosion and scaling formation, corrosion rate, thermal stability

The influence of KISK-1 reagent on a corrosion rate of Steel 3 in mineralized waters having significant differences in chemical composition and using in water supply systems of two industrial plants was studied. It was investigated thermal stability of these waters in presence of KISK-1. It was shown that at correct dosing the KISK-1 reagent has ability to decrease in several times a speed of corrosion of Steel 3 in investigated waters. KISK-1 also provides thermal stability of these waters at their evaporation, i.e. prevents formation of precipitation
of hardness salts. The value of optimal concentration of KISK-1 in solution does not changed at concentrating of investigated waters in 1,7…2,5 times. It was established an existence of some threshold concentration of the reagent after excess which the following significant decreasing of the corrosion rate of Steel 3 is not observed. The approach for estimation of effectiveness proposed in this work allows to carry out a comparative analysis for choice well-matched reagent for specific conditions of operation of any industrial plant.