The Hydrogen and Electromagnetic Factors of the Diffusion of the Alloying Elements on the Electrolytic Treatment of the Materials

Issue 1(75) 2015
Pages 51-59

G.I. Suranov, A.A. Latyshev, E.N. Mel’nichuk, S.Yu. Vityazev

Ukhta state technical university

Keywords: electrolytic hydrogen absorption, alloying elements, concentration, transfer, diffusion, hydrogen, electric current, magnetic field

A change in the content of the alloying elements (Cr, Ni, Cu, Mn) on the surface of the cast iron models in the process of electrolytic hydrogen absorption suspended in the cathodic zone is experimentally shown. The content of copper is changed extremely, namely, on the surface of the models inverted to the cathode copper concentration is 40…91 times more than on the opposite one. The depth of saturated layer is 70-90 μ. The transfer of elements is caused by the influence of hydrogen and electromagnetic factors.