Сontrol of Hydrosulfide Media Corrosivity and Estimation of the Protection Method Efficiency During Continuous Exploitation of Oil-gas Production Plants

Issue 1(75) 2015
Pages 60-71

V.I. Vigdorovich1, A.P. Makarov2

1All-Russian scientific institute for application of machinery and petroleum products in
agriculture, Tambov
2Control I diagnostika” research and training center

Keywords: corrosion, hydrogen sulfide, methods, estimation, gravimetry, ultrasound, magnetometry, diffractometry, polarization resistance, hydrogen probe

The methods of estimation of hydrosulfide corrosion rate of metal including gravimetric,
polarization resistance, electroresistance, application of ultrasound, magnetic and radiographic
control are considered including the variants of specimen alignment in operating

Special attention is given to the method of hydrogen probes and their construction. Quantitative data obtained by the latter are given.