Algorithms and Methods of Critical Defects Elimination at Oil-gathering Pipelines of Salym Petroleum Development

Issue 2(76) 2015
Pages 9-25

A.B. Kichenko

Salym Petroleum Development N.V., Tyumen

Keywords: corrosion, corrosion defects, oil-gathering pipelines, pitting corrosion of pipelines, in-line inspection, pipeline repair procedures, algorithm of critical defects elimination, safe operation assurance

The information is given about actions taken by the company Weatherford together with the specialists of SPD for the safe operation of oil gathering pipelines. The actions are performed on the basis of in-line inspection (ILI) data.
The actions used to eliminate the hazardous pitting type corrosion defects consist in using various repair methods such as grinding and weld deposition, installation of repair clamps, replacement of the damaged sections etc.
Timely elimination of dangerous corrosion defects enhances the operational safety of oil gathering pipelines.