Investigation of Imidazoline Derivatives as Inhibitors of Corrosion Steel

Issue 2(76) 2015
Pages 38-43

N.I. Mursalov1, V.M. Abbasov1, Sh.Z. Jabrailzadeh1, L.I. Aliyeva1, A.A. Guliyev2,
Kh.R. Duzdaban1, G.N. Badalova1

1National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan The Y.H.Mamedaliyev Institute
of Petrochemical Processes
2Agegean Refinery Project (SOCAR)

Keywords: corrosion inhibitor, petroleum acids, derivatives of imidazoline, energy of adsorption

Synthesized new water-soluble inhibitors of acid corrosion of steel based on diethylenetriamine and natural petroleum acids. Investigated the inhibitory properties of the compounds obtained in an aqueous solution of 1% NaCl, saturated with CO2, on the surface of steel C1018 and H2S-containing medium on the surface of steel Ct3. It has been found that the corrosion protective effect of the test compounds is 96…99% at a concentration of 50…100 ppm in medium containing CO2. But in a medium containing H2S these compounds at the same concentration protective effect is 93…99,6%. According to the Langmuir adsorption isotherm adsorption energy complexes synthesized derivatives of imidazoline less –40 kJ/mol, which proves the formation of chemically adsorbed film on the steel surface.