Evalution of Corrosion Currents in Different Pairs of Materials by Direct Measurement

Issue 2(76) 2015
Pages 44-50

V.V. Semenychev, R.K. Salakhova, T.B. Smirnova

Ul’yanovsk Scientific and Technological Center of All-Russian Institute of Aviation Materials

Keywords: corrosion currents, 3% solution of NaCl, dissimilar materials, composite materials, constructional materials, protective and functional coatings, nano-sized particles

Time variations of corrosion currents density arising in a 3% solution of sodium chloride
between the different materials are investigated. Simple measurement scheme of corrosion currents by mVA M2020 &silver chloride reference electrode is proposed and implemented. In experiments, the different materials are used such as copper, zinc, nickel, chromium, 30HGSA steel, D16ChT aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. Current densities of selected pair were registered during twenty-four hours, after the end of the experiment the samples were photographed. It was shown that for different combinations of pairs of materials corrosion current density per twenty-four hours can be either grown or fallen.