Issue 3(77) 2015

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Protection of Manufactures from Heat-strengthened Steels in the Media Containing Hydrogen Sulphide
Pages 28-36

V.I. Vigdorovich1, A.P. Makarov2

1All-Russian scientific institute for application of machinery and petroleum products in
agriculture, Tambov
2«Control i diagnostika» research and training center, Moscow

About Mechanism of Protection of Steel by PU-Stelpant Polyurethane Coatings
Pages 46-62

Е.S. Ivanov1, А.L. Кlyuev2, А.V. Аmezhnov3, А.S. Guzenkova4

1ОАО “All-Russian scientific Institute of corrosion” (ОАО “VNIIK”), Moscow
2Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of RAS, Moscow
3Bardin FGUP «TsNIIChermet», Moscow
4National research university «Vyschaya shkola economiki NIU VShE», Moscow

Study of Protective Efficiency of Coatings on Base of Waste Synthetic Oil by Polarization Resistance Method
Pages 63-71

P.N. Bernatsky1, N.V. Shel2, V.I. Vigdorovich3, L.E. Tsygankova1, A.Yu. Kotina1

1VPO G.R. Derzhavin Tambov State University
2VPO Tambov State Technical University
3GNY «All-Russian Research Institute of Use of Engineering and Mineral Oil», Tambov