Protection of Manufactures from Heat-strengthened Steels in the Media Containing Hydrogen Sulphide

Issue 3(77) 2015
Pages 28-36

V.I. Vigdorovich1, A.P. Makarov2

1All-Russian scientific institute for application of machinery and petroleum products in
agriculture, Tambov
2«Control i diagnostika» research and training center, Moscow

Keywords: corrosion, hydrogen sulphide, coating brittle fracture, coating

Summary data are represented on corrosion resulting in the development of brittleness and stress-corrosion failure of cross-country pipelines, tanks and welded steel structures, and fastening members. Estimation of contribution of external and internal factors to these processes is provided. Evaluation of zinc, aluminium, chromium and titanium coatings
thickness on various steels (steel grade 3, Y8) and their protective efficiency is made. The
advantages are considered of thermodiffusion zinc coating application compared to other
application methods (electrolytic application, hot-dip galvanizing, metal deposition).